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The Real differences between Medium and

Hello all, I have been using both the platform Medium as well as for a month. I will be listing all the differences, I have observed so far. So here we go.

  1. My view is that Medium is primarily a publishing platform that helps authors take their ideas and publish them onto a beautiful, consistent, and free medium. It’s an easy way to host your writing and ideas.
  2. Where it falls short, in some ways, is that you’re primarily speaking to your existing audience. That is, you post on Medium and then distribute it to your network via FB, Twitter, company website, etc. It’s not a great tool for discovery. While there is some content that gets boosted and begins to “trend,” it’s more akin to having a post “go big” on a platform like Hacker News or Reddit — the exception, not the norm.
  3. is built specifically for programmers. That means that the editor is more friendly and customized for a technical audience (Markdown + code embeds + liquid tags + etc). We also make it easy to support canonical_urls when you’re cross-pointing your content that was originally published elsewhere.
  4. The biggest difference, though, is the built-in community and distribution that comes with posting on As you build up a presence on the site, your followers are alerted to your new posts. If you submit to relevant tags, the people who follow those topics see your post. And your content can also appear on the homepage or be shared via our social accounts. At every point, you’re reaching your desired audience — fellow software developers.
  5. Dev uses SSR (Server Side Rendering) to serve static content to the client, while medium don’t use SSR.

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